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Written by Gerard   
Sunday, 31 May 2009 18:33


Firmware Upgrade CD v1.00/1.01

About the CD
The cd is bootable, and will allow you to upgrade the firmware in your router The cd was primarily designed to help people that are running Windows 2000/XP and using NTFS partitions. (It will also work if you are using FAT/FAT32 or Linux partitions).

The settings in this firmware are for uk routers, if you are not from the uk then please use the values from the router configuration settings page, here you will find the values for (VPI/VCI/Protocol/Encapsulation). I cannot be certain that all these values are correct, but if you know otherwise then please send me a message via the contact form

Also It is known that the conexant flash program will not work with SIS, nForce2 & KT266 chipsets. Intel chipsets have been reported to work fine. I have made a list of some of error messages that can occur with the Conexant flash program. They can be found here

What's on the v1.00 CD
Conexant v4.1.0.21F (obtained from eTec)

What's on the v1.01 CD
Conexant v4.1.0.21F (obtained from eTec)
JMK v4.1.0.21 (obtained from ADSL Tech)
Conexant v4.1.0.9 (for the PT-3818 only, obtained from eTec)
Microtech v080902_REL9P2 (obtained from Micronet)



please click on one of the link below to download

MD5: 3e1d929a1a44ebfb7a571db9de224dc7


MD5: b7c8cd995d7a331205e0af58d211fe4d


Full instructions on how to burn the ISO file and upgrade the router


You can verify the integrity of the downloaded file using a md5 signature tool that can
be found here and compare this to the md5 signature above.


Technical Documents

For anyone interested in electronics, you will find the data sheets for all the integrated circuits in the PT-3812 router below

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